Gluten-free turron for celiacs

Our nougats are suitable for celiacs -GLUTEN-FREE- Our factory consists of a certified workman that is separate from the only place where something is made with gluten, and this is the powders (which use wheat flour) and the almond-stuffed almendrites (whose shell or wafer also carries wheat). These products are manufactured in a fully insulated space so that there is no contamination to the other products.

Gluten-free turron for celiacs

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Nougat of Jijona-soft- 300 g.


El turrón de Jijona es uno de los más tradicionales dulces de Navidad. Está hecho de almendra marcona seleccionada (67%), miel de romero (16%), azúcar y clara de huevo.



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Nougat of Alicante 300 g.


The nougat of Alicante is one of the most traditional

Our Alicante nougat is handmade in part of its elaboration process. It has the seal of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) granted by Brussels and is made with almonds of the Marcona variety, authentic rosemary honey and sugar, as well as egg white.

Terronico 300 g.


Guilache nougat with 300g conjolí.

The nougat is made from large caliber and hairy marcona almonds, rosemary honey and sugar. It differs from the guirlache because we add the seeds of sesame or sesame, which give it aroma and exquisite flavor.