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Nougat from Alicante-Duro 300 g.

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The nougat of Alicante-Duro is one of the most traditional

Our Nougat from Alicante is handmade in part of its elaboration process. It has the seal of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) granted by Brussels and is made with almonds of the Marcona variety, authentic rosemary honey and sugar, as well as egg white.

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The nougat of Alicante is one of the most traditional Christmas sweets. It is made of Marcona almond 63% selected, rosemary honey 18%, sugar and egg white,

wafer on surface (potato starch,sunflower oil). Natural without preservatives.


Energy value: 2321kj/558kcal,fats: 37g., of which saturated 3g., Carbohydrates 36 g. of which sugars 36g. Proteins 10 g. Salt 0.1 g.

Elaboration process:

It is, without a doubt, the hard nougat is the king, both for being the preferred by consumers, next to that of jijona, of soft texture, and for its artisan and secular process of elaboration. The EU that protects the PGI jijona and Nougat of Alicante obliges that in the process intervene very traditional and unique machines in jijona: almond roaster, mechanics, stone mill and boixet (or mortar). All supervised by the master turronero, figure preceptive also in the regulations of the denomination.
The water and honey in the mechanics are heated to very high temperature (about 80 degrees Celsius). When the emulsion and evaporation of the water occurs, and after the 'master melero' gives consent after obtaining the optimal point of the honey or the point 'caramel' made with the fingers of the expert, it is mixed with the repelled toasted almond (which after roasting has been allowed to cool naturally) and with the sugar. The dough is moved manually by two operators who, with special shovels or skewers, also manually extract that dough, which usually weighs about 60 kilograms. Immediately afterwards so that the white dough (which provides the egg white) does not cool, it is placed on some tables and cut with the weight that the customer wants before entering some molds with different capacity depending on the size of the bar. The operators flatten the nougat so that the distribution of the almond is completely uniform. Then move to a few shelves for your natural cooling for at least two days. Afterwards, it is already cut into special machines and packaged.

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