The liquid turron of Jijona has many applications and interesting uses in the world of pastries. We refer to prepared to use for the production of artisan ice cream, desserts, sweets and a long list of products. Increasingly, even the most famous and recognized restaurants use the liquid nougat, to make haute cuisine dishes, both in dishes with meats, fish and sweets.

It can be used to make ice creams of a special texture and flavor that are used in hotels, bars, restaurants and shops related to the restaurant. Generally customers of this type of business ask for nougat in bulk and bulk in large quantities, but are unaware of the versatility of this product based on liquid nougat and the possible applications in the world of confectionery and processed food.

Liquid Nougat of Nougats E. Candela Espí

Liquid turron is one of the important ingredients present in many recipes, especially in pastries, but also in haute cuisine.

Liquid Nougat is usually marketed in 5 kg cubes. In nougats Candela Espí we have the liquid nougat in format of 5 and 10 kg is made with artisan nougat of jijona and contains neither gluten nor lactose, to make it a widely accepted product. Of course it contains almond of the best quality, , the marcona. You can also bring Azahar honey.

In this carton it is kept for a long time for use, as it is a product that can be stored and has a very long expiry date, so its use is very optimal.

In Turrones Candela Espi we sell in two formats of 5kg and 10 kg below we indicate the variants of our liquid nougat

It is prepared in the traditional way and is not seasonal, but we manufacture it all year round. The almond is given a greater roasting point because then its flavor prevails, over the ingredients with which it will be combined. The variants depending on the amount of almond are:

Liquid Jijona Turron 70% Almond

Made with the best traditional jijona nougat with 70% almond. It also has 18% Azahar honey and is the most used liquid nougat by pastry and ice cream makers, to get the best product of final quality.

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Liquid Jijona Nougat for Cooking 66% Almond

This liquid jijona nougat comes in 5 and 10 kg formats. It has 66% marcona almond and 14% honey. The liquid nougat has a stronger roasting point since its preparation is designed to be mixed, so that in its later elaboration, it will be the nougat, it is predominant flavor of the final mixture.

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Liquid nougat in refuelry

The liquid nougat is one of the best complements for any dish,such as homemade flans, nougat stuffed puff pastry, nougat cakes, nougat stuffed sweets, nougat creams, nougat mousse, turrom coulant

Liquid nougat for elaborate dishes

As we mentioned earlier, not only is liquid nougat used in the pastry, but it is one of the special ingredients, in the production of sauces that accompany both meats and fish, being especially used as a complement to ternasco, veal or sirloins. Or fish like salmon or even hake. They pair very well the taste and its final texture.

Block or liquid nougat?

In Turrones Candela Espí then choose between two formats of nougats for professionals in the sector. The already presented liquid nougat or the nougat in block. The latter we sell in 6 kg block nougat

Either way, the liquid nougat is gaining more and more strength in the market and professionals in the world of catering find plenty of ways to make it to enrich the culinary offering. At Turrones Candela Espí, we work to make our liquid nougat the best that is made in Spain. We have a turgid tradition of more than 3 generations and the supreme quality of our nougats and sweets, is a reference of craftsmanship and love for good nougat.