Turrones the "grandfather"

The products are new.
The quality, the usual.

In El Abuelo we have been bringing the best of Jijona closer to you since 1931.
Our nougats and Christmas sweets have always been a reference in terms of taste and quality.
The secret is very simple, so much so that we have always revealed it: to make our product with centuries-old formulas inherited from our ancestors, and what is that formula? Respect tradition with the utmost care. That and recipes that make everything that bears the mark of El Abuelo reach an inimitable taste.

Now we bring you the best of nature expanding our product range.
A new generation of products made in the style of the old generations.
Let Grandpa spend the whole year at home.

Your palate will enjoy, of course.

Turrones Jijona's Grandfather
Turrones the "grandfather"

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