Turron of Alicante

Turron Alicante Artisan of E.candela Espí, made with the best raw materials and a tradition of artisanal manufacture of 3 generations, which make it unique. It has a protected designation of origin. The nougat of Alicante is one of the most traditional Christmas sweets. It is made from selected marcona almond, rosemary honey, sugar and egg white. Natural without preservatives. Here you can buy online, the best selection of nougat in Alicante.

Turron of Alicante

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Nougat from Alicante-Duro 300 g.

The nougat of Alicante-Duro is one of the most traditional

Our Nougat from Alicante is handmade in part of its elaboration process. It has the seal of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) granted by Brussels and is made with almonds of the Marcona variety, authentic rosemary honey and sugar, as well as egg white.