Our nougat over the generations

We are a family of jijona with a long nougat tradition. At the moment the 3rd generation continues to manufacture nougat.

The nougat tradition of the family originated through my abuelo Victoriano candela, his four children followed in his footsteps, Victoriano, Ismael, Alfredo and Rodolfo. Virtually the whole family has been involved.

Our nougat is made in an artisan production factory and with the formulas that my victorian abuelo candela I devise and that we still keep. Since childhood I have helped my parents in the factory in all sections of the factory, obrador, torraor, in the mechanicas cooking honeys, in the boixets learning to rrematar the nougat of jijona(soft), toasting the yolk, in the packaging, selecting the almond honey and all the ingredients.

We do not accumulate huge quantities of stock our production is limited and we manufacture on request in this way we control the quality of all our nougat.

Making nougat all year round requires us to have a very high responsibility in the quality of our products, selecting the best raw materials and continuously producing in very small quantities so that a quality and freshly made product reaches our customers.

Factory Nougat

They are those nougat that carry a process of roasting almonds and a cooking of honey and sugar. The great difference of our factory nougat is not only in the exhaustive process of choosing raw materials (selected Marcona almond, orange blossom or rosemary honeys ...) but also in the great difference of its elaboration.

Its elaboration is totally handmade, with a direct cooking that gives it a unique flavor, an unbeatable texture and an exceptional aroma. This system of elaboration is almost unique in jijona for its long process and the need for a master nougat craftsman in all its stages.


The specialties of are very varied but the most significant are the nougat to the stone, the stone almendrites made by hand, or the nougat of scraping of natural lemon, totally natural and without artificial aromas.

It is mandatory to mention our almond powders, made with Marcona almond, Iberian butter, the best hand-toasted flour, natural lemon zest and cinnamon on the branch. Or our chocolate powders, authentic delicacies that melt in your mouth. All our specialties are elaborated with great care and dedication on the part of all our specialized staff.

Obrador nougat

They are those made with mollar almond selected and ground exclusively by us to preserve its quality and unique texture. With it our exceptional nougat of obrador are elaborated as the one of Snow (exceptional and unique), Toasted yolk or natural (creamy and spectacular) nougat of Fruits or our appreciated Nata Nuez. All raw materials are natural such as lemon zest (grated at the time) candied yolk or domestic nuts.

The master nougat craftsman is the one who makes these mixtures respecting all their freshness, being a product with little cooking and natural without artificial aromas.


We have always preserved the Supreme quality in our nougat and sweets. We manufacture all year round to preserve the freshness of all our products

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