• Freshly Made. Our main value proposition is that the nougats, even though they may be far from your city (we are in Jijona, Alicante) you eat them freshly made. This is especially evident in the mazapanes, since the nougat in general, being vacuum packed, can withstand more. When we don't send you the nougat the next day, it's usually because we're making it. As we've said before, we try to do little in storage.
  • Direct buyer-seller treatment: yes, we also hate wasting time on the phone, so all calls and emails try to answer them by the founder of the online store (Esteban). The traditional nougat has always been sold word of mouth, and we don't want that charm to be lost on the Internet. Sometimes, especially in the mornings, we can't pick up the landline because we're in production but everything is registered in our switchboard. We ask you to insist, sometimes we overflow
  • Comfort. You're not going to queue, and packages get you home (if you don't have an elevator, it'll be put up by the transport agency). Buy from home or office allows you to check prices, compare them, review product characteristics, without haste, comfortably. The difficulty of finding Jijona's nougats for the rest of the year is well known for the rest of the year as the campaign focuses mainly on Christmas. In turronescandelaespi.com we offer you the possibility to access these nougats the rest of the year.
  • Trust and warranty, our products are made in Jijona, we have decades of experience in the manufacture and distribution of sweets, and the relevant products bear the distinctive label of the Regulatory Council of the Specific Designations Jijona and Nougat of Alicante. In addition, we have been selling for over 100 years.
  • Price reduction with the same product quality: fortunately, the online store allows us to reduce costs, or rather, optimize times. The investment and operation is very similar to the offline world of a lifetime, but you can order nougat at any time and 7 days a week. We have local open facing the public, in avd Alfonso X the sage in front of the central market of Alicante "kiosk Esteban Candela Espi" . We also do dropshipping, try to work on demand and take advantage of the resources of nougat factories.


Our factory is in Jijona in the departure of Alecua s/n.